As a small business unit, you do not have thousands of dollars to spend in up keeping your online presence, your IT infrastructure or bringing that new product idea to life. Although you are looking for a thorough professional service from one of the best in the industry, spending a fortune by going to the biggies is not a feasible proposition. An alternative to the recurring expenditure of long term commitment with an IT service provider is Freelance. However, the two top challenges with Freelancing are reliability and unavailability of and end-to-end solution. You will find freelance services easily but you are not sure whom to choose. it’s always a hit & try scenario. Even if you end up finding the guy who is the best in his area, you are not sure who to go to for other work involved in completing the project. Development, testing, deployment, and support, all aspects of software engineering hold equal importance for you.
At BusyWizzy, we bring you that perfect scenario you have been looking for. We have brought together a group of IT professional who are thriving in the respective fields. Each professional has over 5 years of experience in their respective domain. The group comprises of experienced Developers, Database Administrators, System Administrators, and Project management professionals.
Just let us know what your current IT challenge is and we will be happy to help you with the solution part. No long term commitments, hire when you need services, pay for the services you have used, with a quality at par with the big solution providers.