Platform to support marketplace integrations::

Ecommerce is the current in thing to bring more business to the retailers by means of opening new channels and geographies that were earlier difficult to reach. While it’s exciting for the retailers to know that they can now list their products on Amazon and eBay and also go online pretty quickly using platforms like Big commerce, WoCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc., the management of all the orders from all these sales channels and keeping stocks and prices up to date on all of them is a big nightmare. The multi-channel integration platform we have created for our customer Toptotoe solves exactly that. This platform called GAIT, allows the retailers to connect all the sales channels they sell on (Amazon, eBay, WoCommerce, etc.) and manage their products, stocks, prices, and orders from one single GAIT console. What else, it also make the retailers look more professional as they are able to generate delivery notes and invoices that look exactly same irrespective of the channel the product was sold.

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