Raticator – Mobile app to keep a watch on rodents::

Internet of things is the buzzword in today’s world. Our customer, Raticator, who is a market leader in rat traps for consumers and industries, decided to use a lot to bring more value to their customers. The Raticator app, is a mobile app (for both iOS and Android), that connects to the Bluetooth enabled rat traps and when the rodent is caught, it notifies the app about it. The customer gets the notification on their phone, which makes it easy for them to clean. They do not have to keep monitoring the traps every now and then like they used to do earlier. Imaging the value it brings to staff of large scale warehouses that are spread across hundreds of acres. They have the information about all their traps at their fingertips. The role we played in this project was of the IT partner for this customer. The Busywizzy worked with the customer’s production and hardware department in running proof of concepts, working with Bluetooth protocols, and building the final solution. This will be in market in a couple of months.

For more details about this product, you can visit the customer’s site http://raticator.com

Key Features of the project ::

1. Associate your Trap devices just by scanning QR code or by entering RT code, printed on device tag

2. Track all your Trap devices easily in mobile app(iOS & Android)

3. Keep track of Battery percentage, Trigger state(rodent caught or not), Trap state i.e. on/off in mobile app(iOS & Android)