Today Facebook is the most popular social media platform for social marketing. Facebook has a larger user database so that it’s been the great platform for socializing the content. Facebook has lots of free and paid services for social marketing like tags, advertising, campaigning, image, video tagging, etc.

Ways to engage the user into any social media platform:-

  1. Focus on what matters to your fans.
  2. Join the trending topic conversation.
  3. Provide the useful and valuable links to the contents or posts.
  4. Host contests into the timeline for boosting engagement.
  5. Maintain relevancy in the content.

Rules for making the Facebook marketing strategy for effective socializing of content:-

  1. First focus on the agenda of your fans:

For grabbing the user attention into your content you have to provide the content what your fans want, you have to research towards what is going on trending and search by using Google trends. Facebook provides a feature to look into the page insight about the post reaches, you can check that by going to the path (with PAGENAME i.e. the name of your page. This feature will help you to know the people engagement over what type of post/update you shared.

  1. Provide useful links for increasing web traffic:

Link the content or image to the useful or interesting blog posts that relate to your content, which will make interest of fans and engage the user about your page. Providing the web link into the post will also increase the followers over the website. Using the shortened links in place of complete link will make your post impressive.

  1. Use effective images for increasing engagement:

As the content with images will engage users more than a simple content, so use the image which will explain your post or content. Content with a relevant image will impact user more and attract their attention immediately. Sometime content as a video clip will also impact expressively over fans.

  1. Ask questions at the end of post for increasing user engagement:

As per the research the post-ended by question will curious user for following the page or post. The questioning will grab follower’s viability or including them into the conversation by their comments over the post regarding asked question.

  1. Use hash tags within the post in smart way:

For increasing the user reach over the post add small and smart two to three hashtag into the post that will include your post with the other post including the same hashtag.

  1. Share the post into different pages of your fan interest:

Sharing the post into different page with the post having a number of people engagement so that other page related to the same post will allow your post over there page and let their user follow your post. You can also join several groups open, closed or private and be communicative, participant and interactive there and share your page link or post your content as per the requirement in a smart way that will divert attention of the followers of the group towards your page or content.

  1. Share related pages into your page for user engagement:
    Mentioning the other Facebook page links that are relevant to your page over a post so that it will keep the attention of the other page users.
  2. Use Facebook Ads:
    Investment in Facebook is not more expensive. It’s a great feature to promote your page or your content. It shows most impressive conversion rate that can impact the followers and business growth